Our Story

Made for you was born from a collaboration between a brother and sister in law Emmett and Natalie Flanagan.

On a summer family get together in Wexford one weekend the usual discussion arose about the perfect business idea, to be able to have a positive product concept that could be distributed internationally that would also make people feel better about themselves.

The beginnings of made for you were sparked! Emmet has over 15 years’ experience in the promotion/ events and wedding industry being able to construct literally anything from concept to finished product.

Natalie started businesses in the beauty industry five years ago and online presence and social media marketing and purchasing had been at the forefront of business success. The combination of both resulted in what we see on made for you and the first product line of the company.

“Our aim is to spread a little more positivity, being able to provide people with the opportunity to send gifts that form a stronger connection and meaning with the thought and intention of a gift . When we take the time to be generous with our words and emotions it can be more powerful than an extravagant gesture.”


The team

The think tank

Already we are developing new product ranges based on our start-up success.


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